Top 5% DLA Supplier Performance Ranking

Brighton Cromwell (BC) is a go-to resource for the U.S. DLA/DoD/government and allied partners, primes, OEMs, manufacturers, and vendors when they need help navigating and succeeding in the supply chain of the defense industry.

Brighton Cromwell is a small business with large business capability, capacity, and reach. With over 1.2 million kits delivered, thousands of parts moved and customers in over 30 countries, Brighton Cromwell has a reputation as a proven partner that can support all requirements for vehicles, facilities, and support equipment. BC delivers part support for U.S. weapon systems, integrated procurement and supply chain management services, as well as logistics management.

Brighton Cromwell has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing defense and technology companies in the country over the past decade and has been listed among the top 25 small businesses passing savings onto the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land and Maritime. It has also been awarded a top 5% Supplier Performance Ranking by the DLA. We support GSA Schedules (also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) and Federal Supply Schedules).

Our GSA contract number is 47QMCA18D000L.

Brighton Cromwell’s proprietary supply management and sourcing technology suite, SEDNASearch™, allows BC to meet the complex logistics and procurement needs of the U.S. and international military markets with uncompromising precision and reliability. BC is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and to AS9120B for quality management.

This higher standard of excellence is reflective of Brighton Cromwell’s dedication to quality. BC’s corporate headquarters and warehouse distribution center are located in the United States, specifically in Randolph, New Jersey and our Engineering & Technical Center is located in Lutz, Florida.

Our Core Specialties are:

  • Kitting
  • Design, engineering, and manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Strategic market intelligence and data analytics

Who Does Brighton Cromwell Serve?

  • DoD & DLA: Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines
  • Manufacturers who make products in support of the defense industry looking to add new parts through engineering
  • Manufacturers looking for help in due diligence related to source approvals (SARs) and new products through engineering
  • Suppliers looking to grow their sales, profits, market share, and market visibility as well as insights and analytics needed to succeed
  • Primes with international or domestic programs
  • International reps and distributors
  • U.S. Allies

Our Winning Formula Combines:

  • Speed/delivery time
  • A compelling price to value ratio
  • Industry experience and expertise
  • Consistent and exceptional performance

Customers and vendors work with us because we…

  • Have extensive Defense Industry experience and expertise.
  • Provide more value than our competition.
  • Have strong relationships that can help them.
  • Can grow market share for those who choose to partner with us.
  • Are most effective at identifying and successfully winning awards.
  • Provide full transparency and traceability in the bidding and fulfillment process.
  • Have analytical insights into the market and the industry bidding process.
  • Are reliable, true to our offerings, and professional.
  • Have great people.
  • Deliver results.

We have served the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for almost 20 years, supporting the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. We work with these organizations specifically in the areas of:

  • Kitting
  • Engineering & new product development
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Parts sourcing and acquisition
  • Distribution
  • Material demand forecasting
  • Obsolescence management
  • Quality control
  • Strategic intelligence and data analytics (market visibility)

SEDNASearch™, Brighton Cromwell’s proprietary supply management and sourcing technology suite, enables any part utilized by the DoD to be quickly and accurately sourced. Our performance-based metrics ensure that Brighton Cromwell delivers the highest level of support to the warfighter.

This also provides our customers:

  • One-stop shopping/point-of-contact
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Reduced operating and inventory carrying costs
  • Reduced transactional costs
  • Increased purchasing and manufacturing efficiencies
  • Transparent reporting

Our Core Values:

Brighton Cromwell cultivates talented procurement and technology professionals and is led by a core set of values:


We strive for excellence in everything we do from planning to execution.  In all aspects of our business, our team is dedicated to excellence.


As a company that specializes in sourcing, inspecting and delivering authentic material for mission critical operations, integrity is uniquely ingrained in our culture. We have a responsibility to uphold honest and genuine principles and to follow through on our commitments. 


Keeping our employees safe at their jobs is our number one priority.  We are relentless and proactive about mitigating hazards in the workplace before they happen.


Communicating with openness and honesty creates a culture of trust and allows us to succeed together.


We want everyone at our company to feel respected and comfortable regardless of where they are from, what they look like or the unique perspective they bring with them.  We strive to create a culture that celebrates belonging, teamwork and collaboration.

Our Leadership Team

Tim Driscoll headshot

Tim Driscoll


Paul Elefonte headshot

Paul Elefonte

Chief Growth Officer

Mike Boyd headshot

Mike Boyd

Chief Strategic Sales Office

Kieran Keelty headshot

Kieran Keelty

EVP DLA Sales and Partner Development

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Patti Picone

SVP, Sales Operations

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Glenn Bocchetti

EVP Triman and Brighton Cromwell Operations

Ann Marie Sheer

Ann Marie Sheer

SVP Marketing

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Hilary Bily

VP Human Resources