As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, Brighton Cromwell has worked diligently to meet the demands of the changing landscape. We have worked with both established partners and new suppliers to help bring manufacturing back to the US and extend our product offering to include critical Berry Amendment compliant PPE products – face shields, isolation and surgical gowns, hospital can liners. BC is committed to helping re-shore the defense industrial base.


Once COVID-19 became a threat, our Team quickly engaged our established supply chain, as well as identify new suppliers to manufacture, procure, and ship, PPE vital to Federal, state, and local facilities, including hospitals and clinics.

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We identified a Berry Amendment compliant PPE source of supply and have promoted their manufacturing capacity to Federal customers. Within days, they were able to ramp-up production of surgical and isolation gowns to large scale monthly production, which Brighton Cromwell distributes to Federal, state, and local healthcare providers and facilities nationally.

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