Mine Protected Family

The Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Family of Vehicles (MRAP FOV) The rapid development, manufacture, and mass deployment of the MRAPs in 2007 was widely acknowledged to be a tremendous success for the defense industry. That year alone the Department of Defense ordered 10,000 vehicles from multiple OEM’s and over a dozen variants were produced. As a result of the lack of standardization the logistics tail, the support and sustainment efforts, and reset capability have proven to be a challenge.

Brighton Cromwell has been supporting all variants of MRAPs since 2010. Brighton Cromwell has delivered over 2,000,000 MRAP parts and has developed reset, repair, and maintenance kits for the efficient support of the MRAP FOV. From the early Cougar and RG31/33 models to the MATV currently in production, Brighton Cromwell delivers approved, quality MRAP parts on time and on budget.

MRAP variants currently support include

  • Mine Protected Vehicles
  • MRAP RG-33 RG-33 PLUS
  • MRAP RG-31A2/A2M1/A2RTR
  • MRAP RG-31A3
  • MATV (MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle)