HMMWV Support

Since the mid 1980’s the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV) has been the workhorse of the United States military. With over 300,000 delivered to US forces around the world, and tens of thousands delivered to governments around the world, the vehicle is one of the most recognized military vehicles in history.

Many companies claim to offer HMMWV parts but there are only two AM General approved and authorized distributors. Brighton Cromwell is one. Since 2009 Brighton Cromwell has been a trusted partner to AM General ensuring authentic, approved, quality parts are available to customers seeking reset, repair, and maintenance parts for all HMMWV variants. While many companies offer parts and components that can fit a HMMWV, Brighton Cromwell offers genuine HMMWV replacement and repair parts.

Brighton Cromwell has processed, packaged, and delivered over 200,000 HMMWV reset, repair and maintenance kits to US and qualified foreign customers. Brighton Cromwell supports all HMMWV variants, from M998 models to the more recent M1151 variants and support US Department of Defense branches, selected prime contractors, and qualified foreign governments.

As an authorized military parts distributor for AM General, LLC, the manufacturer of the HMMWV, Brighton Cromwell offers a full line of genuine AM General HMMWV parts. Ensure your fleet is supported with approved, quality, authentic HMMWV parts and kits. Ensure authenticity. For more information contact Brighton Cromwell at: [email protected]