Proprietary Supply Management and Sourcing Technology

Since 2002, the Department of Defense (DoD) has consistently directed that supply chain integration (SCI) be the preferred logistical practice to offer long-term sustainment support of systems and subsystems.

SCI was designed to save money for both the taxpayer and the customer while improving operational efficiency. Brighton Cromwell believes in providing the best-value logistics and contract management for America’s warfighter and has created an integrated procurement practice to address these requirements.

Effectively implementing and executing an integrated supply chain requires proper planning and controls. Brighton Cromwell’s SEDNASearch™ is the proprietary supply management and sourcing technology suite that enables our customers to achieve this goal.

This tool allows us to serve both the government and our vendor partners who may not have the market visibility they need to optimize their procurement, bidding, or award performance. We are able to serve both sides of the defense industry supply chain with uncompromising precision and reliability,

  • Enabling any part utilized by DoD to be quickly and accurately sourced.
  • Meeting the complex logistics and procurement needs of the U.S. and international military markets.

By aggregating data from a multitude of sources using proprietary data collection software, public data collection, and paid services, we are able to provide insights and recommendations that can help our customers and partners protect and grow sales and market share, both now and in the future.

Brighton Cromwell has the experience and capability to support all your parts requirements for air, ground, or sea applications.

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