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  • Brighton Cromwell works with hundreds of OEMs and DoD approved sources. Our goal is to meet the parts needs for virtually any platform.
  • Exclusive supply chain and parts support for AM General (HMMWV) and L-3 CPS (AVDS-1790 Engine).
  • Brighton Cromwell has delivered over 800,000 ground vehicle kits.
  • Brighton Cromwell in-house engineering and product development services have saved the US Taxpayer millions of dollars.
  • Brighton Cromwell offers market leading data analytics.
  • Brighton Cromwell actively supports over 30 Countries.

Brighton Cromwell is your intelligent supply chain partner. Whether you need ground or combat vehicle parts support, tactical and combat vehicles kits, supply chain management services, facilities MRO support, or logistics management domestic and abroad, Brighton Cromwell has the experience, reach, and passion for excellence to meet your needs.

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